• artist's statement


    Paint is an infinite and baffling mystery,

    and allows people to talk without words.

    It is surprisingly simple, yet

    no material in nature has its power to restore.

    Through the centuries it survives to talk to us.



  • biographical information

    To explain the origin of some themes in my paintings, I would like to give a little background:

    In my earliest years, my family lived on a hobby farm, which included many kinds of animals including a hundred head of sheep. To my five-year old mind, this was exquisite.

    When I was seven, we moved to Northern Wisconsin near the upper peninsula of Michigan. Here again was another terrific outdoor existence, with acres of huge pine trees on the mouth of a chain of 28 lakes.

    My family and neighbors would watch water ski shows that took place on the lake in front of our house. As kids do, swam and boated, spotted wildlife, climbed trees... there was lots of freedom for kids. Maybe there still is there.

    After high school I attended Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota for three years, and in another three years graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The Art Department at the University of Minnesota has a very good program called the Split Rock Arts Program, led by David Feinberg, which I was able to attend twice.

    Next I served as a volunteer in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada and USA for eleven years when I was married to a minister. We were at ten different churches in those years. It was during this time that I was able to see a little of the world during short trips Finland, Estonia, and many parts of Canada. We lived for fifteen years in Canada; I worked at the fabulous Gwartzman's Art Supplies on Spadina in Toronto before Daniel was born. Daniel was enrolled in French immersion through the eighth grade. I became a Canadian citizen.

    In 2004 my son and I returned to the U.S. to Portland, Oregon. He has since graduated from Benson Polytechnic High School and is studying art and product design in college. He is a very skilled cyclist also. In 2007, we applied and qualified for a Habitat for Humanity home. After we completed our 'sweat equity', with help from family and friends, we became homeowners.

    For a few years I belonged to the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, and work as a commercial painter. Some subjects of paintings originated from the high vantage points of job sites in downtown Portland. Before that my jobs have been as a nurses assistant, graphic artist and bindery clerk, and an art supplies inventory and sales person.

    In 2013 I returned to church activities in a different organization. I also sold my home. In 2014 I moved to the NY city area to repair the walls of the Victorian home our church's printing plant uses to house its workers. This opportunity allowed me to take eveningand weekend courses at Grand Central Academy in Manhattan (now in Long Island City).

    My current fixation is to launch my alphabet book and gifts. Thank you for looking!


  • curriculum vitae



    1987 Split Rock Arts Program, Class Show

    1987 Senior Show, University of Minnesota, Mpls.

    1992 Pink House Art Gallery, Grande Prairie, AB Canada

    1994 Second Street Theatre, Grande Prairie, AB

    1995 Beauty of the Peace Art Competition, Best of Show, Grande Prairie, AB

    1996 Prairie Art Gallery, Group Show, Grande Prairie, AB

    1996 Prairie Art Gallery Mailbox Auction, Grande Prairie, AB

    1997 Unique Gallery, Group Show, Grande Prairie, AB

    2002 Briccos Coffee Shop, Grande Prairie, AB

    2013 Taborspace, Portland, OR

    2012 Newberg Art Walk, Newberg, Oregon

    2012 Cloisters, Westminster Presbyterian, Portland, OR


    2014 Grand Central Academy workshops:

    Portrait weekend workshop with Colleen Barry

    Still life with Sam Hung and Tony Curanaj

    Figure with Sam Wisneski

    Perspective with Anthony Baus

    Cast Hall with Justin Wood

    Muscle Lecture series with Mason Sullivan

    2007 IUPAT Apprenticeship Training Program, Portland, Oregon

    2006 Nursing Assistant Certification, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon

    1986-1988 Bachelor of Fine Arts, summa cum laude, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

    1988,1990 Split Rock Arts Program, Duluth, Minnesota

    1982-1985 Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota

    1986 Nurse’s Aide Certification, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    1978-1982 Northland Pines High School, Eagle River, Wisconsin 


    2014 to date PAINTER/HOUSEKEEPER, Rutherford, NJ

    2013-2014 ARTIST, Fairview, OR

    2007-2010, 2013 COMMERCIAL PAINTER, Portland, OR

    2010-2012 MIRABELLA PORTLAND, Portland, OR      

    2006-2007 CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT, ICF Unit, Portland, OR

    1989-1991, 1994, 2004-2006 ART SUPPLIES SALESCLERK, Toronto, Grande Prairie, and Portland

    2002-2004 PRINT SHOP BINDER, DESIGNER, Grande Prairie, AB


    1998-2002 PRIVATE A.L.S. CAREGIVER, Grande Prairie, AB

    1994-date ARTIST, Grande Prairie, LaGlace, Clairmont, and Portland


    2005-date HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Portland Oregon

    2013 RETIREMENT CENTER, Fairview, Oregon